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Web hosting: Windows medium

Hosting Pack "Windows Medium" biedt een forse hoeveelheid webruimte in combinatie met een uitstekend basispakket van hosting mogelijkheden. Ideaal voor kleinere bedrijven voor het hosten van hun website gemaakt in asp, .net of met Frontpage, zonder kopzorgen over de beschikbare webspace.
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100 mb web space on Windows

You get 100 mb webspace on a powerful Windows webserver. With a Windows server environnment you can use all popular Windows applications for building your website. You can freely use your webspace for your web pages, to store various documents, etc.


Your plan has ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, Perl Cgi Scripting enabled, which allows you to develop highly interactive and sophisticated applications. In combination with your database access this even makes it possible to run real a e-commerce website.

Visitor statistics

You have access to a web stats application which analyses your the logfiles of your website, so you can check the number of visitors, where they come from and even which search terms they used to find your website on the web.


Microsoft Access

You can put a Microsoft Access database on your webspace to use in your website application. Ideal for things like guest books, news pages, your product catalogue, etc.


5 POP3 Mailboxes + Webmail

Your plan includes 5 POP3 mailboxes of 10 Mb each, that you can use to send and receive e-mails with Outlook or a similar progamme. You can also set an unlimited number of aliases for each mailbox!
You can also use Indigo Productions webmail, so you can read or send e-mails from any location with an internet connection.


Each mailbox is linked to a very sophisticated anti-spam program, so your mailbox will no longer be flooded with annoying and sometimes even dangerous junkmail. The anti-spam rules are constantly monitored and updated to fend off the latest techniques used by the spammers!

Other Characteristics

1 FTP-account

Your hosting contains 1 FTP account, that you can use to transer files such as webpages, images, various documents etc. to of from your webspace.

Own domain name on your virtual server

If you have your own domain name, it can be linked to your hosting plan for free. If you do not own a domain name (yet), you can register your domain name here. (Please note: the price of your domain name is not included in your hosting plan.)

Free Setup

We don't charge anything for the setup and configuration of your webhosting (unlike many other providers).

Per month: € 16.50 (excl.VAT)
Minimum period is 1 year, payment per year.

Price information

Per month: € 16.50 (excl.VAT)
Minimum period is 1 year, payment per year.

Available Options

Additional e-mail accounts

You can order as many extra mailboxes as you with. There is an extra charge per month for each mailbox.
Price: 1.00 € /month


An accidentally opened e-mail message can wreak havoc on you own computer and even those of you co-workers in the same network. We therefore strongly recommend anti-virus scanning of your e-mail boxes. Your incoming e-mails will be scanned the very moment they are delivered to our network, and all viruses will be instantly eliminated before they are deposited in your mailbox. This means that no e-mail virus can reach your computer or network. Our virus definitions are updated every minute of every day: if a new virus emerges anywhere in the world, you will be protected in the shortes of times!
Price: € 2 per month/mailbox

MySQL Database server

MySQL is a very powerful open source database that is ideal for web applications, thanks to its flexibility, easy administration via webinterface and performance. You can administer your database with the web based tool PHPMyAdmin.
6.00 € per month (50 Mb)
9.00 € per month (100 Mb)

SSL Secure Server

You need a Secure Server connection if you wish to run e-commerce applications with on-line payment, or if you wish to process personal and/or private information. The 128bit encryption provided by SSL secures all communication over the web from and to your website.
Price: 10.00 € monthly